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Artwork specifications:


Oil paint on handmade canvas.


Size: 1520 x 1820 mm / 59.8 x 71.2 inch 


Disclaimer: Bottom left corner slightly pokes out. This is due to my poor crafting skills. This being the second canvas I have made.


Artwork description:


This piece follows no direct narrative, the overall goal was to challenge my creative abilities and test my self as an artist to see if I truly had something unique to offer the world. Rather than creating sketches or mock ups, I decided to explore my subconscious and pour my emotions and energy into making something that would give a sense of self gratification and accomplishment. Taking over a year to complete, with many alterations along the way. It started to form into something naturally, leaving the piece with a sense of raw emotion. Overtime I have contemplated what the actually meaning of it all is but truly I will never know. This I feel that adds to the value of the work. not in price but emotional connection. It is not just another piece of art that took a long time to complete. To me, it is a part of my being. A record of  time and history captured with in the many layers of paint.




The specifics of the packaging for this piece are unknown and will need further research upon purchase. But I can insure that the art work its self will be protected. It will not be rolled and stuffed into a tube. It shall remain whole and true to its original form. Continuing on from the artwork description, this piece means a lot to me. So I would only deliver the artwork knowing full well it would arrive in one piece and unharmed.




Due to the size of the artwork, the cost or delivery time can not be estimated. This will be included into the overall price. providing free tracked delivery.



International shipping may vary depending on where the items are being delivered to. For further information about international shipping please feel free to get in contact via email in the contact tab, to discuss the specifics of your intended order.


*Returns and exchanges are not accepted. If there is an issue with your order please get in contact.*

Compromise of the red moon

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